Full details of the programme of events will be available later in the year.

In each Grade, the Championship is decided over two music events; the Set and the Medley.

The Set comprises a 2/4 March, a Strathspey, and a Reel with music in this event generally being traditionally Scottish. The Medley is a selection of tunes of the band’s own choice, typically of many different time signatures including hornpipes, jigs and slow airs.

Programme details

Full details of the programme and the time when bands will be playing will be available in January prior to the contest.

Friday 19 March

Morning/early afternoon: (Mitre10 Park)
G4B and G4 A music events
Afternoon: Street March (Napier CBD)

Saturday 20 March

Morning: (Mitre10 Park) Juvenile and G3 music events
Afternoon: G2 and G1 music events
Followed by displays, mace flourishing massed band and presentations

Map and venue details

The venue for the contest is the Mitre 10 Park, Hawkes Bay located adjacent to the Napier Hastings expressway.

This facility provides excellent facilities for officials, bands people and the public.

The location of the street march (Friday evening or Saturday morning) will be Napier CBD.